ICLP 2021

Recently Published Research Track

The Recently Published Research Track provides a forum to discuss important results related to logic programming that appeared recently (from January 2019 onwards) in selective journals and conferences, but have not been previously presented at ICLP.


The program committee of the 37th International Conference on Logic Programming (ICLP 2021) invites submissions of published journal papers and papers presented at related conferences for the Recently Published Research Track.

The track is designed to provide a forum to discuss important results related to logic programming that appeared since 2019 in selective journals or were presented at related conferences, but that have not been previously presented at ICLP.

The goals of this track are:

Paper Presentation

All accepted submissions will be presented orally during the conference - at least one author is expected to register to ICLP 2021 and to present the paper in person. Complete citations and URLs of the original papers (if available from the publisher) will be published on the ICLP 2021 web site as a permanent reference.

A 2-page extended abstract summarizing the line of research leading to the presented results can optionally be submitted for presentation in the technical communications of ICLP.

Submission Requirements

Submissions must meet the following criteria:

Submission Process

The submission will be in the following format:

Note: the 2 pages abstract should not contain new material since this is just a report of a publication in a related conference. The title should be a bit different than the original publication (since it would look odd to have a paper with the same title, but much shorter after the original publication), such as, add Report or Summary in the title. It is not necessary to radically change it. The authors should be the same and in the same order with respect to the original publication.

The papers in this track will be grouped under a subsection Recently Published Research Track, so other researchers can see that this is a report on the original publication. We advise authors to start the paper with a sentence stating that this abstract is a report or summary of the original publication (with immediately citing that work).

At least one author for each accepted paper is required to register to the conference. All submissions must be made via the EasyChair conference system.

Evaluation Criteria

Submissions will go through a peer review selection process. Selection criteria include significance of the results and relevance to the logic programming community.

Important Dates

Track Chairs


Any additional questions can be directed towards the Recently Published Research Track Chairs: